LAB #1

Part One

Personal anecdotes:

  • a client gets angry hearing me and a coworker speak in English
  • visited a retirement home

Current events:

  • Man- positive with HIV -brought to court for having unprotected sex with Tinder date
  • Mark Zuckerberg introducing new technology VR
  • Quebec terrorist attack

Part Two

  • racism, francisation, education, official languages
  • isolation, loneliness, family
  • sexual consent, medical privacy,
  • Mark Zuckerberg: social standards, virtual reality, technology, interaction
  • Quebec terrorist attack : Islamophobia, terrorism, racism, fear

Part Three

  • How does technology affect our interaction?
  • How does the advancing of new technology change our social standards?
  • Why are people drawn to interact less in real life and more on in social media? How do we change that?
  • Why do Quebecois feel threatened of losing the French language?
  • Does the terrorist attack prove that racism still exist?

Something that really bothers me and I hope that I could change is the number of countries that suffer from corruption and poverty. I have heard so many times friends from Latin america wishing they can change it and even wanting to become president just to put an end to it. What really triggers me is the fact that many of us are aware. We see it all over internet and the news. We might watch those videos and read those newspapers that will make us cry but at the end of the day, people simply move on. They don’t seem to truly care. Why aren’t we doing something to change that? I have spoke to my teacher about this issue, especially what has been happening in Venezuela…how come are we just standing back and watching? Is humanity fading? However, my teacher did say that even though a country is struggling, they wouldn’t want help from other countries such as the States, because they take advantage of those countries. I despise the fact that countries s


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