LAB #8


Babies are like an egg. Small and fragile.

Bystanders are like cameras: they watch you yet do nothing.

Individuals are like sheeps in a herd.




Empathy is like chickenpox because it’s contagious.

Love is like an airplane because it makes you feel like flying.

Courage is like a stomach because it takes guts.



Bystanders are the itch that you just can’t scratch

Bystanders are ___.They are damaging and yet do nothing.

Bystanders are



Why would someone be afraid to step up and help another? It’s simple to think that maybe if it were an emergency situation, someone would definitely call the police. Yet, somehow around a dozen witnesses heard the [screams and cries] cries for help of Catherine “Kitty” Genovese and no one came to intervene. Most of them thought that other witnesses must have called the police. Some also thought that it was probably just an argument between husband and wife. For those reasons, a young 28-year-old was [attacked twice and died] that night. According to researchers, the phenomenon is known as the “Bystander effect”. This shows that the presence of bystanders prevents one from offering help. It is important to understand the reason behind why we feel discouraged to help others, because only then, we will allow ourselves to try to break that fear for the safety of others.


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