LAB 10


Exposition: Metro…

Complication: Bystanders are not helping…Why are people afraid to go out of their way for the good of others?)

Rising Action:

Sub-Argument #1: Diffusion of responsibility (Catherine Genovese)

Sub-Argument #2: pluralistic ignorance …humans can inspire each other to help..(Ex: waiting at a stop light) & public self-awareness

Sub-Argument #3: Collective vs Individualism society differences (2 year old Chinese baby)

Sub-Argument #4: Tips on how to prevent the bystander effect


Climax:  Statistics on bystander effect..(??)

Denouement: I’m more aware now when I am found in a situation where I have the possibility to help others.



  • I was sitting in the metro which was packed with people impatiently waiting to get home
  • A woman struggled to get in with her child in the stroller (many bags hung from her arms)
  • I felt her stress of trying to get in with all her bags
  • The door of the metro closed on her bags
  • I wanted to help but she was out of my reach (my mistake to assume others would act)
  • A man tried to tug her bag free but gave up after a min
  • Everyone watched as the woman fought to get her bag out




My aunt worked at the airport to clean the airplanes. Sometimes they find all sorts of things such as money, bags and electronic devices.
When they weren’t able to track the owner of the objects, they kept it. My aunt found an Iphone and decided to keep it. Until she received a text message from the owner asking it back. She decided to throw it outside instead of handing it back. I thought the right thing to do was to give it to its rightful owner, but I kept my mouth shut. Few days later, I mentioned to my mom about the text message and she did say that agreed that we should give the phone back. Yet, she, herself, didn’t say anything either. Many of us keep things to ourselves because we think other people don’t feel the same way. But in fact, they do. This is the pluralistic ignorance.



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