LAB #11


Being aware of the bystander effect is the first step to preventing it… As social creatures, connecting with people around us is in our nature. Without it, we are  no better than a table. (…) I know what it’s like to be afraid of putting yourself out there. It can be a very cruel world at times. However, the beauty in life is the possibility to feel and to make others feel. Nowadays, we have been so used to being in our bubbles, to being on our phones and to wrap ourselves in our anti-social ways that it prevents us from interacting with one another face to face. We never know when someone is in need… even if it’s as simple holding the door for someone…


As a woman came in with her stroller and a handful of bags, we were forced to squeeze into the metro until we could almost smell each other’s breath. Ugh. Another busy day. As the door finally closed,the woman’s bag got trapped in between. Looking around me, I figured someone will help her. So, I waited. The man next to her kept staring at his watch and annoyingly tapping his foot impatiently. The lady behind kept bickering on her phone waiting for the train to leave. No one helped her, not even me. I watched her wrestle with her bag as her face turned red from embarrassment. She was aware we were watching. Why did no one held the doors? Why did I not help her free her bag?

Opening sentence

Guilt washed over me as  I stood there watching as a woman struggle to free her bag from the doors.

Have you ever had the feeling that something was wrong but never had the guts/courage to do anything about it? That’s exactly how I felt…


Sometimes we don’t acknowledge the needs of others because we are so caught up in our own….

When did we become so afraid of doing something good for others?

When was the last time you did something just for the good of someone else?

If you were in need, would you want someone to help?



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