First Draft

Why would someone be afraid to step up and help another? It’s simple to think that maybe if it were an emergency situation, someone would definitely call the police. Yet, somehow around a dozen witnesses heard the screams and cries for help of Catherine “Kitty” Genovese and no one came to intervene. Most of them thought that other witnesses must have called the police. Some also thought that it was probably just an argument between husband and wife. For those reasons, a young 28-year-old was attacked twice and died that night. According to researchers, the phenomenon is known as the “Bystander effect”. This shows that the presence of bystanders prevents one from offering help. It is important to understand the reason behind why we feel discouraged to help others, because only then, we will allow ourselves to try to break that fear for the safety of others. We live in a society where we are too afraid to act.  If people would put themselves out there to do what is right, it would inspire the others to do same. It is said that humans act like a sheep in a herd. They follow what everyone else does without even communicating to each other. Therefore, if someone sees that a person is standing up for someone, everyone tends to follow as well. The fact that when we see other people all reacting the same way, we think that is how we are supposed to act as well. For instance, in a social experiment, an actor pretended to be hurt and suffering where many witnesses were walking by. People were looking as he cried for help but no one approached to help. There was this woman who it seemed obvious she was concerned but since the norm was to not get involved, she didn’t. That is until one man stepped up and asked if he was okay. Only then did she feel it was safe to offer her help as well. People are afraid of stepping into situations because they might be wrong or might make the situation worse. They think it’s none of their business. Maybe the person wasn’t truly in danger. Maybe they were faking it. Maybe it will solve itself out. But what if it was real? What if they were truly in need? What if that person was you? What if you were in need? Nowadays, most people at the sight of an injustice will pull out their phones to film it instead of standing up for the person. Then people who watch it on the internet feel pity and disgust, etc. However, if they were on the street none of them would have done anything. I have watched so many videos and I’ve always wondered, why did no one act upon this? How can they simply watch one suffer and not make stop it? We have been so desensitize to terrible things, whether it’s verbally or physically, we just ignore it. This society lacks empathy. Imagine if that were you or someone you loved, would you have reacted the same way?

I find it awfully scary how we can just watch and sit back while they are happening right before our eyes. For example, in China, a 3 year old baby was run over by a truck and was left in the streets to die as others passed by without doing a thing.  How do we gain the courage to do what’s right? Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very shy person myself and I hate to draw attention from others. As someone who tends to ignore and look away from the homeless that beg for money just like everyone else, I know what’s it like to be hesitant to help.  Yet, it has happened at time where I would find myself to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to the need of others.  But why does it make me feel nervous and exposed when I do? As if the right thing to do isn’t what I was supposed to do. People stare and look at you as if you have done something wrong.  After doing some research, I found out it was after all a normal feeling known as public self-awareness. It is the awareness of oneself on how others view them. This type of self-awareness is the reason why we feel the need to follow the social norm. We become to feel anxious about how others perceive us. That is why when we are around many bystanders, we are able to remain anonymous in the crowd instead of standing out and drawing attention to ourselves.




The purpose of this article is to persuade people to try to help those in need because you never know they might be in danger.



I would write this to my family because I want them to be inspired to help others and not be afraid.

Pathetic arguments: (this topic affects a lot to the emotions)

I was at home on my computer scrolling through Facebook trying to pass the time. Until there was a video that caught my eye with the title “Chinese toddle run over”.

I feel as if it was shocking enough to think they could post a video of such an awful incident. However, finding out that the baby was run over not once but twice and no one went to help her left me heartbroken. Her name was Wang Yue and she was only 2 years old. There was at least 18 witnesses that was strolling on that market street but none came to his aid. One even claimed not to have “noticed” the toddler. It is a horrific act to ignore a dying child on the street. I can’t even decide what is worse, the driver who hit and run or the bystanders ignoring the child. Not calling the ambulance or police makes you as guilty as the drivers that caused the hit and run.  Now, imagine the mother of that child seeing the number of people passing by and not even glancing at her to help. Those people have the blood of her baby on their hands…


We would think that if we were in danger, people would come to our rescue…it seems that somehow we were wrong about it. Can you imagine living in a world where we don’t help out others? How many of people lives would be put at risk? For instance, if someone was being attacked and no one would have called the police. Unfortunately, there is many people who have experienced this such as “little yue yue”. Some





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